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Halloween DIY Easy Crafts Project for Kids and Adults to make

I was going to delete these crafts, but I thought maybe someone can use them here.
- still working on these! :)


h-ghost windsock

h-ghost necklace

h-ghost with plastic bag

h-halloween noise maker

h-halloween party ideas

h-halloween spider

hidden surprises

h-jackolantern thimble

h-pumpkin man

h-pumpkin necklace

infant halloween costume

its a bat


monster mosquito

pinecone spiders

pd-pumkin pie playdough



pumkin heads (pic)
pumpkin man

pumpkin necklace

quilted pumpkin

spider webs

stained glass leaf

tuna can spider


waxpaper ghosts

witch treat

yo-yo spider

yo-yo spider pin

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