Pumpkin Necklace

1-1/4" ball knob, acrylic paint-orange & white, paper twist: 1" length
each natural & green, 1 yd. 1/8" wide black satin ribbon, wax paper, small
flat brush, sharp point, permanent black ink marking pen, kitchen match or
a small piece of 1/8" diameter wooden dowel to make white dot eyes,
scissors, spray acrylic paint sealer (optional).

1) Working over wax paper, paint the knob with two coats of orange paint,
letting dry completely between applications. Let dry.

2) Use the marking pen to draw eyes, nose and mouth. Let dry.

3) With the matchstick or dowel, make white dots in the eyes and nose.

4) Untwist and flatten out the green paper twist. Make your own design
and cut two small leaves.

5) Add craft glue in the hole in the knob. Place the stems of the leaves
and the center of the ribbon over the hole. Force leaves and ribbon down
into the hole with the piece of natural paper twist (pumpkin stem).
Bring ribbon ends even and knot to make a necklace.


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