Bonny posted Message 1142 in the CraftPals Recycling BB
Dated : August 14, 1998 at 15:19:20
Subject: Spiders and cobwebs

### When I was little, my Grandmother claimed that burned cobwebs rubbed on warts, would kill the warts.
It must work, because the one on my finger disappeared.
(Science now knows that in many cases, warts disappear if the person who has them believes the treatment will work)

---I have a Tuna-can spider sitting on a branch of my apple tree, right beside the big porch-type-swing, which hangs from a big limb. It is painted in muted acrylic colors and has a big bead glued to the can for a head.
Eyes are painted on,and the hole in the bead is a mouth. The can has 9 holes drilled in the rim, for 8 wire legs and a thinner wire that attaches in the 9th back center hole, to secure it to the limb.
Hope someone else will like making one of these spiders too. (or getting rid or their warts) bye Bonny (Granny)

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