pinecone spider

Bonny posted Message 186 in the CraftPals NatureCrafts BB
Dated : September 21, 1998 at 19:35:42
Subject: It had to come to this! Halloween PCs

####Have been discussing with some friends, things to make from pinecones (oh,no,not that subject AGAIN!)
and possible ways of making them.
Suddenly I got this thought "wouldn't a big SPIDER (oh, no, not that subject AGAIN!)
made from a pc and painted black, make a great Halloween decoration.
I'm picturing it with a smaller pc for a head, and black chenile stems for legs and a smile made from a red chenille stem (yes, Lynette!).

For a web, one could use cord or maybe, talk the butcher out of some of that webbing they use to encase rolled roasts,
hams etc. Gotta try this! Hope some others will like it too. bye Bonny (Granny)

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