stained glass leaf

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Dated August 28, 1999 at 140203
Subject Stained Glass Leaf Hanging
Here is what you will need
•leaves - any color, yellow, brown or green
•old crayons
•crayon sharpener
•iron and ironing board
•yarn or string

Find some pretty leaves outside.
Have an adult help you sharpen some crayons and save the shavings.
(You can also have an adult grate some old crayons on a grater).

While you are at it, have the adult cut you a piece of wax-paper 12" long and 6" wide.
Arrange leaves and crayon shavings on half of the wax paper.
Fold the wax paper in half over your arrangement.
Be sure and get a grown-up to help you with the iron, (you know how nervous they are about us kids getting hurt or burned).
Cover the ironing board with several layers of newspaper.

Lay the wax-paper on top and cover with one layer of newspaper.
Press with an iron set on medium heat for about 30 seconds (you want the crayons to melt).
Now you have a beautiful fall hanging to put in a window.
You can cut around the wax paper with pinking scissors, and punch a hole to place on hook.

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