Monster Mosquito

Posted by Bonny on July 17,
I visited a friend yesterday who had a BIG Mosquito that was made
by their grandson in a pre-school class.
It is pretty cute (good enough to be made as a quick adult's craft)


1 Teasel Pod with approximately 1 inch (or longer) of stem attached
2 Wiggle Eyes
Chenile Stem, brown or grey
Chenile Bumps Stem (need total of 4 bumps) brown or grey
Thin piece of board for base (approx 3 inches by 2 inches)
Glue (tacky for kids, or hot glue for adults)

The Teasel Pod will be the body and head.
The stem will be the mosquito's bill.
Glue one wiggle eye at each side and slightly above the bill.
Cut Chenile bumps so that you have two sections, with each having two
bumps on it.

Bend each two-bump-section in half, so that the ends touch and the
slim part between the bumps forms a point.
These will be the wings.
Glue one wing high on each side of the Teasel Pod.
Cut the Chenile stem into two sections, approx. 3 inch long.
These will be the legs.

On each section, bend to form a knee.
Then bend ends at a 90 degree angle to make feet.
Glue the two legs to the bottom of the Teasel pod.
When the glue is dry, attach the feet to the board with more glue.
When all glue is dry, shape the chenile bumps to resemble wings.
Adjust the legs, so they will have a springy effect when the whole
thing is moved.
There you have your mosquito.

###### Note, I know that mosquitos are insects, and insects have six legs.
However it is the fact that this one has only two legs that gives
it the comical appearance.
I hope you or some children you know will like this.
Bye Bonny (Granny)

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