Potholder Instructions:
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Instructions for 1 potholder
Step #1
Stitch design on fabric.

Step #2
Draw an 8 or 8-1/2 inch square (finished will be 7 or 7-1/2 inch.
I'll explain later why) and cut it out.

Step #3
Draw the same size square on your backing fabric and a piece of warm & natural batting & insulated fabric (I use either ironing board fabric, the silver stuff or insul-bright).

Step #4
You should have this now (backing fabric, w & n, insulate & design)

Step #5
Tape your backing fabric RIGHT SIDE DOWN on a table or something.
I'm using my cutting mat here.
This will help the fabric stay taught.

Step #6
Sandwich the fabric in the order of Step #4 starting with the backing then the w & n, then the insulate (SHINNY SIDE UP),
then the design on top, and pin all layers together.

Step #7

Step #7

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