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I am back from updating
My hosting contract expired last year and it took me forever to get going again.
Changed the whole website from "http://" to "https://" and deleted some old broken programs. Some webpages are still not Mobile friendly, but that's going to be my winter project.
Thank you Craftpals readers and Google for not giving up on me. I think this is going to be the last time that I'm doing this though.
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Round Tuit Poem

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Plastic Canvas Spinner

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Angel DIY Crafts

Fall, Thanksgiving & Halloween Craft Printable

free Printable Address Book

which day of the week were you born?

Old script, but still works including the Chinese Zodiac


Crafts & Hobby Forums. Maybe an alternative - if you don't do Facebook.

Tutorials - All

This is where all of the Crafts that I saved from the boards, since 1996, are.

Easy Crafts

Sometimes you just want to make a quick craft and this page will give you some ideas.

Business Tips

Craft Business tips for you. Lots to think about before getting started.


Seasonal & Holiday Printable. Address book, Red hats, Pray Lists &


Lots of QUICK GAG GIFTS - including REDNECK. See Sitemap.

DIY Crafts

DIY Craft projects, including Woodworking and Nature Crafts with pinecones.


Learning Activities for Kids - Teachers, Parents and Grandparents.

Crafts & Hobbies

Let's make "Crafts and Hobbies" popular again!
Having a hobby is so important in improving mental and physical health and with the Internet we don't have to craft alone anymore.
Join or start a social "Craft & Hobby" group and feel a sense of achievement and pride.
Hobbies can also bring mental peace and at the same time it can also challenge the brain with problem solving and memory.
So, what are you waiting for? :)
Happy Crafting!
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