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Crafts & Hobby Forums. Maybe an alternative - if you don't do Facebook.

Tutorials - All

This is where all of the Crafts that I saved from the boards, since 1996, are.

Easy Crafts

Sometimes you just want to make a quick craft and this page will give you some ideas.

Business Tips

Craft Business tips for you. Lots to think about before getting started.


Seasonal & Holiday Printable. Address book, Red hats, Pray Lists &


Lots of QUICK GAG GIFTS - including REDNECK. See Sitemap.

DIY Crafts

DIY Craft projects, including Woodworking and Nature Crafts with pinecones.


Learning Activities for Kids - Teachers, Parents and Grandparents.

Crafts & Hobbies

Let's make "Crafts and Hobbies" popular again!
Happy Crafting!

Other websites that I have done: - grow food, flowers & watch nature - gardening, printable & recipes - printable, poems & candy survival kits