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    Christmas Spider

    Posted by Carol S on August 23,

    2 - 4mm gold pearl beads,
    1 - 10mm faceted crystal bead,
    1 - 12mm faceted crystal bead,
    72 gold seed beads,
    2 - 3mm or 4mm black 1/2 beads,
    16 gold bugle beads,
    4 pieces of 24 gauge gold wire 5" long,
    1 piece of 24 gauge gold wire 8" long,
    1/3 yard gold thread for hanger,
    tacky glue,
    wire cutters,
    long nosed pliers.


    1. Make a small loop on one end of a 5" pc of wire.

    2. String on 3 seed beads, 1 bugle, 3 seed beads, 1 bugle, and 3 seed beads. Make a small loop in the middle of the wire and repeat the sequence of beads. Make a loop in the end of your wire cutting off any excess. This will become 2 of the spiders legs.

    3. Repeat this 3 more times using the other wires that have been cut 5".

    4. On the 8" wire string one of the gold pearl beads and fold in half over the bead and twist. Add the 12mm bead, the legs and then the 10mm bead< over both ends of the wire.

    5. Separate the ends. Over 1 of the wires string the other gold pearl bead. Take the other wire and go through the center of the gold bead in the opposite direction through the 10mm bead. Thread the open end also back through the 10mm bead. Clip the ends.

    6. Place 2 drops of glue on the center legs of the beads and let dry over night.
    7. Bend the legs into the spider shape to make the thing look like a spider.

    8. Attach a gold thread around the 10mm bead for hanging. I like my spiders without eyes. If wanted glue the half beads on for eyes. I also do not use a hanger, I let them sit on a branch and bend the legs to keep them in place. Do which ever you like. Try both ways and decide yourself.
    good luck, Carol

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