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    Eleanor posted Message 1404 in the CraftPals Weddings BB
    Dated : July 07, 1999 at 15:25:59
    Subject: Re: Bridal Shower Games

    We played 2 at a shower I just hosted (35 people) and everyone loved them--so here goes:

    Have guests stand in circle; distribute about six gifts ($ store goodies nicely wrapped) around the circle.
    Have guests pass gift to their right whenever it is mentioned in the story and to the left, etc.;
    the person holding the gift at the end of the reading gets to keep it.
    "Sue WRIGHT checked her mail RIGHT after work.
    She found an invitation to _____________'s shower.
    "I'd better get shopping RIGHT away," Sue WRIGHT said, "this is too important to be LEFT until the last minute.
    " So Sue WRIGHT LEFT RIGHT then to go shopping.
    She thought she'd start at the Mall but Sue WRIGHT made a wrong LEFT turn and wound up at the RITE Aid store.
    "Well since I'm RIGHT here," Sue thought, "I'll just take a second to look around and then have the rest of the evening LEFT." Sue WRIGHT looked at the cards first--she wanted to find just the one that LEFT no doubt as to her immense good wishes for ____________ and _________.
    RIGHT away she spotted one but there was no envelope LEFT.

    Eleanor posted Message 1405 in the CraftPals Weddings BB
    Dated : July 07, 1999 at 23:55:40
    Subject: Re: Bridal Shower Games

    [Left/Right continued] "Oh rats," said Sue WRIGHT.
    "I hope what's LEFT of the evening goes RIGHT."
    Sue WRIGHT got back in her car and after a LEFT and then another LEFT and a quick RIGHT Sue WRIGHT was at the Mall.
    "Let's see--what do I have LEFT to get" thought Sue WRIGHT.
    "Oh RIGHT--a shower gift, card and the RIGHT wrapping paper.
    " In the Kitchen Cupboard Sue WRIGHT found an interesting jug but she couldn't remember whether ________ and __________'s refrigerator door opened to the LEFT or RIGHT.
    Then she found some coasters and thought they would ensure that no rings would be LEFT on the tables.
    Unfortunately, Sue WRIGHT didn't know the RIGHT color to get. Sue went out of the store and made a LEFT turn into the Scents and Nonsense Store.
    Sue WRIGHT looked around but LEFT after not finding anything that seemed just RIGHT.
    Sue WRIGHT then went into Tools R Us.
    They had a sale on LEFT handed monkey wrenches and wheel WRIGHT gizmos.
    Well, Sue decided that since she didn't have much time LEFT, she'd duck into the Oh-La-La Lingerie store, hoping that maybe there she'd find the RIGHT gift!
    The first thing Sue WRIGHT saw was a half slip with a slit up the LEFT side.
    Then she saw a lovely negligee in just the RIGHT shade of red.
    Unfortunately, there were only size 3's LEFT.
    Just before she LEFT the store, Sue WRIGHT asked the saleslady if she had any ideas for a bridal shower gift.
    They looked through the lotions and potions and notions--nothing seemed RIGHT.
    Sue WRIGHT LEFT the Mall in frustration.
    She should have checked with us--our gifts are just RIGHT and __________ is going to open them RIGHT now!
    [I forgot to mention that this activity makes a great bridge into the gift opening time.
    I didn't originate the Left/Right ideas--but I did write the scenario for this one. Feel free to use it and have fun!]