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    Lynne posted in the CraftPals Weddings BB
    Dated : February 24, 1999
    Subject: One idea:

    One cute idea:
    Make a votive favor:
    melt block wax, stearic acid and white (or whatever) candle colour you'd like and pour carefully into the small bathroom-size paper cups.
    For the wicks, cut all to size and dip into the melted wax first to make them easier to stick up in the wax votives you're making.
    Reserve some melted wax, as you'll need to "top off" the candles when they've hardened and formed the usual crater in the centre.
    When hard, peel off the paper cup, wrap in clear or irridescent basket wrap, tie with curling ribbons and attach little cards (use heavier weight paper on the computer and cut with deckle-edge scissors, punch a hole and tie with ribbon onto candle).

    Candle poem:
    Just a little candle
    To light you on your way,
    But it holds a great big "Thank You!"
    For lighting up our Day!
    (signed by you and DH!)