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    Using the bath towels as the base, place the second layer, the hand towels on top, and secure with small pins, hiding them as much as possible.

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    Lynne posted Message 1227 in the CraftPals Weddings BB
    Dated : February 17, 1999
    Subject: Here's how I did it...

    Purchases: 2 white bath-size towels
    2 white hand towels
    2 white face-cloths
    2-3m strung beading, pearls, irridescent etc
    wide white flora-satin ribbon (very inexpensive)
    1m 3" wide, 1m 2" wide, 1m 1-1 1/2" wide (approx)
    small pkg or box pearl-headed pins
    white flowers (from very small to med size, no green)
    optional: several m. white braid, satin cording etc.

    fold 6 towels in 3rds along the length so that you have a folded edge along both lengths.
    Roll one bath towel from a short edge tightly like a cinnamon roll and when you get to the end, overlap and pin the second bath towel to keep it rolling along.
    Pin the final seam closed, hiding the pins as much as possible (small safety pins work well here). Repeat this with the 2 hand towels, then with the 2 face cloths.
    These form the 3 layers of your cake.
    Using the bath towels as the base, place the second layer, the hand towels on top, and secure with small pins, hiding them as much as possible.
    Attach the face cloth layer on top in the same way.
    (I've seen them with a narrow wooden dowel thru the layers to make them more stable,
    but I haven't done this: would help, though) You've created the cake.

    Now for the decorations.
    I used the wide ribbon around each layer, and this looked less like a towel cake and more like an iced cake; I think it really made a difference.
    I secured the ribbon with tiny pearl pins along both edges a few inches apart, spaced evenly.
    Using the pearl or acrylic bead strands, attach an end (keep all "ends" on the same side of the cake always) with one of the pearl pins and, forming a "drape", secure to another pin several inches along.
    Continue doing this, creating "icing" drapes along the top of the ribbons on each layer.
    At each drape top, pin on a tiny white flower (buy a spray of white silk flowers and cut off all the little ones: much cheaper!) to look like icing flowers.

    Here's where you can get as decorative as you like!
    Do a second drape over the first with another style of beading, edge the ribbon with braid, etc.
    The only thing stopping you is your budget! You can even buy gathered satin or lace and pin along the bottom edge of the two top layers as if it's sitting on top of the layer below to hide the rolled edges (like icing the top of the cake).
    For the cake-top, you can either use a real cake top or place a perfect, large white rose (cut away all green) sitting on a multi-looped bow with ribbon tails trailing down (easier to pin, less expensive and very charming and fluffy looking).

    That's about it.
    The one I made was used as the centrepiece on the table at the bride's maid's brunch and was presented as a little extra gift to the bride.
    She kept it on her gift table at home on a glass cake pedestal and it looked beautiful! It also makes a great shower gift!
    Hope I've made these instructions clear, if not, just let me know! However you do it, it'll steal the show; these are beautiful!!
    Good luck, Lynne