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    Dated : January 12, 1999
    Subject: Re-visiting table skirting...

    Just a suggestion for making your own table-skirting (as they are SO overpriced to rent!!
    Talk about gouging!), measure the height of the table, add 3" for hem, and 3" for top edge.
    Fold bottom edge over to form 11/2" hem, and the same for the top.
    Use pre-corded curtain gathering tape (narrow is fine) and stitch to the top of the skirt.
    This makes sewing easy, as no gathering or cording required, and also makes it adjustable for tables! Sheets on sale can be your best buy, altho' poly-cottons are on sale often (a nice weight is best).
    Even attaching gossamer/chiffon or tulle over-skirting to the skirt before attaching the curtain tape makes this job easy!
    Just a thought...hope it helps!

    Linda posted in the CraftPals Weddings BB
    Dated : December 28, 1998
    Subject: Re: Table Skirting

    Table skirting can be so expensive so I made my own from sheets.
    Using full or queen I measured height of table allowing for hem (1" but doubled so hem was only 1/2'). I pinked the top edge and folded over 2 1/2" and made four stitching lines.
    The first one was 3/4" from top edge, 2nd, 3rd and 4th, 3/8" apart.

    I used a long threader (purchased mine at Joann Fabrics for $2) and threaded a non fraying cord through 3 of the pockets.
    It was a little difficult to gather but considering the cost, worth the time and effort(tables are usually 8' so before using, I gathered them to this length and it was then easy to adjust if needed. These have been used several times for weddings, showers and craft shows.
    They are washable and I will be using them again in June for our son's wedding.

    Good luck.