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    How to make moist peau pourri with recipe.

    title: HOW TO make Moist Rose Peau Pourri
    Posted by Evelyn on October 24,


    Making moist potpourri is a method, that was used many
    years ago. It does not look as pretty as dry potpouuri does
    but the fragance is said to last much longer, some recipes
    say as long as 50 years. I have not been able to find to many
    recipes using this method.

    Would really appreciate if someone has a recipe or two
    that they would like to share, so far I have only been able
    to find about 6 recipes.

    Moist Rose Potpourri

    1.Begin making potpourri in the early summer and continue to add rose petals
    and leaves throughout the growing season.

    2.In a glass jar or crock,layer; a sprinkling of cinnamon; a sprinkling of
    cloves; and 1/4-inch salt, rose petals, and rose leaves in that order. When
    finished making layers. Cover tightly. Repeat making layers throughout summer,
    pressing down mixture occasionally and keeping tightly covered.

    3.At the end of the growing season, add a few drops of rose oil and mix well
    Press down and cover for at least four weeks.

    4.Place aged potpourri in covered container as desired. To enjoy aroma, lift
    lid for short time, then replace. This potpourri will last for year's and may be
    added to from each year's rose garden and refreshed with rose oil.

    Take Care