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    How To make Scented Honey Dust Powder

    title: HOW TO make Scented Honey Powder

    Bonny posted Message 1748 in the CraftPals Scented Crafts
    Dated : January 26, 1999 at 16:19:08
    Subject: Honey Dusting Powder

    ####I have seen this advertised in very expensive catalogs, at very "spendy" prices.
    Today I found this info. posted on another bb. Hope someone here will like it too.
    Still time to make it before Valentines Day. he he. bye Bonny (Granny) #----------*

    'Honey' Dust Powder
    You will need Cornstarch.....Vanilla Powder.....and Honey.
    (This is edible)
    1 Tablespoon Vanilla Powder
    1 Cup of cornstarch
    1 Teaspoon of pure honey
    Add vanilla powder to cornstarch. Mix, then add 1 teaspoon of the noney to the mixture.
    Mix it in to the cornstarch and rub the clumps between your hands, until it turns into
    very tiny particles. Apply to your "honey's" body. Use a powder puff.

    That's it .... vanilla powder is just ground up vanilla beans instead of the liquid kind that we are used to purchasing .
    Vanilla Powder is available through "King Arthur's Flour" which is a mail-order source and
    Another source would be the "San Francisco Herb Company". Also, some gourmet stores carry it.