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    How to sew a scented mug mat with citrus and spice mix recipe.

    title: HOW TO make Scented Mug Mats
    Here are some instructions for Scented Mug Mats. Diana*

    What You'll Need (for each mat):
    Sewing Machine or needle & thread,
    Iron & ironing board,
    Mixing bowl,
    6" cinnamon stick,
    Cellophane bag.

    Project Materials: One 5" by 5" square of closely woven fabric,
    one 5" by 5" square of quilted cotton fabric, spice mix to fill.
    Takes about 1 hour.

    1) Place one piece of fabric on top of the other, wrong sides facing

    2) Stitch three of the edges together, locating the seam about
    1/4" from the edges.

    3) Turn the mat right side out & fold the
    open edges down & in. Press the seams with an iron.

    4) Fill the mat with the spice mix that's been chopped into finer pieces.
    The mat should not be about 1/2".

    5) Close the mat by top-stitching along its open edge.

    6) To package the mats for sale, tie four of them together with matching
    or contrasting ribbon. Tuck a 6" cinnamon stick under the ribbon & enclose
    the mats in a cellophane bag tied with a ribbon bow to match the ribbon

    Citrus & Spice Mix:
    1 pound cut bay leaves, 1 pound rosemary needles, 1 pound star anise, 1 pound
    allspice berries, 1 pound whole cloves, 1 pound cinnamon chips,
    1/4 pound nutmeg pieces, 1/4 pound sassafras pieces, 1 pound orange peel,
    1/2 pound grapefruit peel, 1 pound lemon peel.