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    DIY - Scented - Craft Projects - Archives - How To Sew Scented Hot Pads with a mixture of rice, scented spices and herbs.


    I made and sold dozens of these last Xmas.
    What I did was sew the four tunnels.
    Then for the filling I mixed rice, cloves, cinnamon, bay leaf,
    dried orange peel, and cinnamon essential oil.

    I mixed them well and aged them for about a week in an air tight container,
    then filled the tunnels with them, I then wrapped them in clear cellophane,
    tied a raffia bow with a cinnamon stick inserted in the bow, they sold like
    hot cakes, ($6.50 each), I made several hundred dollars for Xmas gifts.
    Hope this helps.


    I also heard you can add Velcro at one end of the tunnels to empty the rice,
    wash and re-scented the rice.

    Here is also another scented hot pad mix. Diana*

    Mix - 1 cup cinnamon chips (cut small),
    1 cup anise seeds,
    1 cup whole cloves,
    1 cup nutmeg pieces,
    1 cup allspice berries,
    1 cup rosemary needles.