Purse Instructions © by Allison, 2007:

Next, turn either your main fabric or your lining fabric right side out and fit it inside the other. We want the right sides facing.

Pin very well all along the top edge, including the long handles, and stitch.
Clip curves.

Turn rightside out
and make sure to turn your handles well
using a wooden tool to get the very tips.

Now, boys and girls, we're going to press very well. :)

Then topstitch about 1/2"
all the way around the upper edge and handles.

What we're going to be doing, in a minute,
is switching the position of the side seams.
Rather than being at the sides,
we're going to make them centered straight down the middle
of this purse as shown in this picture. But....!!!!

...Keep in mind, this is the point to think about what you want to do about trim.

I didn't have any fringe,
like what's used on the original purse,
so I zigzagged some white braid trim about 2" up from the bottom edge of the purse on front.

Now we're at the part where it's imperative to have those side seams centered,
as indicated above.

We shall now close off the bottom.
With your purse turned inside out,
you can either sew it shut or serge.

Turn your purse rightside out,
once more pressing everything very nicely,
then tie the handles together at the top, and you're done--ready to go out and paint the town red!! :)
Of course, it might help to put a little money in there first. :)

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