Clay Frog for Glass Totems
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-Remember to always condition your clay by working it till it is warmed up and pliable. 01. I made a "rough" shaped frog out of firmly mashed up aluminum foil. Karen and Ella would say I made an armature. (^:

-02. This is the frog armature, from the back.

-03. For the eyes, I mashed up 2 little balls of foil ... made 2 dents in the "head" of the frog armature, where I wanted the eyes to be. Then glued the foil balls into the dents and let them dry.

-04. I wanted Margie's frog to look like jade, so I mixed a very small bit of green into Kato brand translucent clay. I'm sorry I did not think to take a photo of the little bit of green I used. It's trial and error, anyway. (^: Just remember to add very small bits of the color, till you get the desired shade you are wanting. You can always add more ... but if you get too much color mixed in the translucent clay ... you can't remove it.

-05. After mixing the clay thoroughly, this is the color I wanted for the frog.

-06. I rolled the clay out, as thinly as I dared, not wanting it to rip, when I smoothed it over the armature. After carefully wrapping it around the foil frog-shape, I sliced off the extra clay and softly smoothed all the seams.

-07. For the hind legs, I made "logs" of clay ... and squashed them into an "S" shape, making a flatter "paddle" shape where the toes were to be.

-07a. I used a craft knife to cut toes into the paddle-shapes, (but it would be easier to do, AFTER the legs have been pressed into place on the frog)

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