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How To - Plastic Canvas Wind Spinners with Beads.

    How to Make Plastic Canvas Wind Spinners.

    Posted by Jackie C.
    Ok everyone, I was told this is the place to place plastic canvas information.
    So with summer comming on, I thought maybe some of you may be interested in those whirlie-jigs made out of plastic canvas.
    So here is the pattern for you.

    You need Colored Plastic Canvas,
    cut in piecies 3 holes wide, and 33 holes long, about 30 piecies.
    (If using 2 colors, cut 15 of each color, 3 colors, 10 pieces of each etc.).
    Put one Pony bead on an 18 gauge wire, (bend the wire in a loop at the end, to hold the beads on),
    then 1 piece of Plastic Canvas (in the 17th center hole),
    Then another bead, and Plastic Canvas,
    Continue in this manner alternating colors if desired.
    Until all 30 pieces of plastic canvas are on the wire, end with a bead.
    (Bend this end of wire, also) Now, tie one bead securely with fish line, or
    nylon filament.(Use a long piece)
    Put the line down through the third hole, under, and up through the first hole.

    Put a bead on, go down through the third hole, under, and up through the first hole.
    Continue until first side is finished. Check periodically to make sure that your whirlie-jig is "twirling", by picking it up.
    Suspend the whirlie-jig (or have someone else hold it) to do the second side. (this is important) Continue in the same manner as you did the first side.

    Use pliers to make the loop in the top and bottom.
    Ribbon, bells, Suncatchers, or PC strips can be suspended from the bottom. Use your imagination, and have fun.