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How To - Peek-a-Boo or Pouting Babies with empty pop bottles.

    How to Make Peek-a-Boo - Pouting Babies


    1- 3lt. pop bottle with the bottom part cut off
    4- 20oz. pop bottles with the bottom cut off of 2 of them
    1- 6" Styrofoam ball
    duct tape
    hot glue
    polyfil just a little
    muslin (lg. enough to cover ball)
    clothes size 12-18 months.
    Long sleeve shirt only preferably hooded and pants shoes size 6-8 preferably vinyl or leather (high tops work use larger size).
    sand, dirt or water to weight 2 of the 20 oz. bottles.
    small piece of ribbon to secure muslin around head.

    First cut off bottoms of 3 lt pop bottle .
    then cut off bottoms of 2 - 20 bottles and fill the other 2 with sand or whatever.
    Insert the filled ones into the cut off bottoms of the 20 oz. and secure.
    These will be the legs.
    Then insert the top of the legs into the bottom of the 3 lt. bottle and angle the body forward slightly.
    Secure with duct tape.
    I go 1/2 up the chest of bottle and between each leg.
    Then make a hole in ball to fit over the top of the 3lt. bottle make it a tight fit, tape to secure.
    Cover head with muslin and tie tight at lower part of bottle neck.
    Put pants on legs and cuff if needed. Put shirt on from leg part or put on before adding head. Lightly stuff arms (sleeves of shirt) with polyfil and bend up toward face , hot glue with the cuffs of the shirt together(picture a small child hiding their eyes. Put hood on head and secure.

    Or if you don't have a hooded shirt cover head with a bonnet or a baseball hat backwards (the brim to the neck). The hands should pretty well cover the face, this is the way you want it. Put stuffing in toes of shoes and put on bottle feet. Glue to secure, also glue pant cuff to shoe. He or she is done. Stand in a corner or really anywhere, cause he could just be playing peekaboo.

    Hints: You can adjust their height by where you cut the bottles.
    Jogging suits work great.
    Or a pair of pants with a jacket with a hood.
    Make sure to wrap legs onto body good for strength, and pick up by bottom only.