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Pouting, Time Out, Peek-a-Boo Dolls - For the head use a long sock, stuff it big enough to fit a hat.

    How to Pouting Dolls

    From: Pat
    Pounting Dolls instructions for all your inquiries.
    The 2 year old dolls are made with pvc pipe.
    Make the doll body with a 2 year old size sleeper with feet. Take two long pieces of the legs, end them crotch level....put a small piece across the croch...drill holes though the long pieces at the top, go though the hole left leg with jute, make knot, then through the center small pipe then connect the right leg, secure knot. Put this set up in the legs of the sleeper, across crotch, then stuff feet and up to neck, make hands of material and stuff, clue to wrists. For the head use a long sock, stuff it big enough to fit a hat, then take the other end of the sock attach it to the pipe at the crotch, then glue sleeper neck to head, put on a hat, can put hair under hat, criss cross hands, and dress in 2 year old size clothes and shoes. Hope all enjoy.
    Happy crafting. God bless all your endeavers. Pat

    posted by Connie

    The Peek-a-Boo dolls have many names.
    They are very easy to make. Buy a 2yr. old sleeper with feet.
    Stuff the entire sleeper, including feet very solid.
    You have then a body of the doll. Then for the hands you can take flesh colored muslin, stuff a circle for the hands glue them into the wrist
    area. For the head make another muslin ball big enough to hold a hat.
    Stuff it into the neck, glue. Then dress it as a boy or girl, put on shoes & socks. Then put on a hat of choice, can also put hair attached inside Stands -
    Good Luck,