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How to Make Rattlesnake Eggs.

    How to Make
    Rattlesnake Eggs

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    Subject: Re: Rattlesnake Eggs

    #### Dusty, I have made these by the following method. I have also seen these made in small match boxes. I must comment here that rattlesnakes do NOT lay eggs. They bear their young alive, so this is really just a joke.


    2 round toothpicks (or twigs)
    1 thin washer or 1 paper clip
    1 envelope, labeled "Rattlesnake Eggs"
    about a dozen pieces of dried corn, or rice, barley etc.
    1 rubber band, medium sized



    Thread the rubber band through the center of the washer or paper clip.
    Place toothpicks in each end of the rubber band.
    Place the corn in the envelope
    Place the rubber band assembly in the envelope, with the toothpicks lying flat and one to each side of the envelope.
    Hold this so you can reach in and "wind" the washer or paper clip up pretty tightly.
    Carefully hold the envelope together so the washer or paper clip is flat inside. Close the flap.
    When someone opens this, the washer/paper clip will unwind, making a "rattling" noise.
    The startled person will usually jump, and this will cause the corn to fly out of the envelope.