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Organizing Paints

    Organizing Paints

    Posted by Elaine on April 08,
    Since my mom recently moved in, there are two avid crafters in the house with all the supplies to go with it. I am desparately seeking ideas on what others use store/display all those paint bottles and jars.

    Those rollaround plastic carts are great for many things but all the paint together makes the drawers too heavy. If you put the paint in a regular drawer, it takes forever to find the one you want.
    I just know many people out there have lots of paint, and have great ideas of how to store & display them for easy access. Any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
    Thanks, Elaine

    Posted by m.sustaita on June 26,
    In Reply to: Need Help! Organization Needed!! posted by Elaine on April 08
    I separate my paints by color family
    (i.e. reds, blues, pinks,metallics, stains, etc.) and write an abbreviated form of the paint brand and color on the bottom of the bottle (i.e. C-LB) and store them upside down in separate shoe box size containers.

    These containers are small enough to stack and light enough to carry from your storage place. You can see the color at a glance on the upside down bottle. Make sure the lids are closed and screwed on tight. I also paint the colors of each bottle I own on the end of a wood craft stick and label them with the brand initial and the full color name.

    I separate these by color family and store them in a lazy susan style utensil holder on top of my painting table for easy color selection and a reminder of what paint colors I have or need when I go shopping. I tried drawers. shelves and lazy susans but I have too many paints now and that just did not work for me any longer. Happy painting!

    Posted by renee on April 14,
    In Reply to: Need Help! Organization Needed!! posted by Elaine on April 08,
    I found two bookshelves at a garage sale that are about 6 feet high and 16 inches wide. They are the kind with adjustable shelves. I adjusted the back of the shelf higher than the front and nailed a piece of moulding wood across the front so when i put my paint bottles in they are tilted towards me and dont slide off.
    I write the name of the paint on the bottle cap and put in abc order.

    Posted by sandy on April 08,
    In Reply to: Need Help! Organization Needed!! posted by Elaine on April 08,
    I use shelves in a closet and drawers there too. On the shelves i have lazy susans for paint, any that do not fit on them i put in the drawers after painting the top with the color of paint in the bottle. I have a small room but the paint is about only thing in order lol good luck, I wish my mom were around to craft with me some more!

    Posted by Cleo Douglass on April 08,
    In Reply to: Need Help! Organization Needed!! posted by Elaine on April 08,
    I have hundreds of paints. I have found that I use a small space where I actually paint, so I had my husband build 6 shelves on the wall 6"high, 6" deep and 6 feet long, except for the bottom shelf which is 20" high.

    I am left handed so I made a small table, for my palate and the paints that I am using at the time, and set it to the left of my chair( a swivel bar stool with back and arms) I have a 36"highx28"long x11"deep open cabinet with one shelf to prop up my feet, and support the piece I'm working on, on the right of my chair positioned so I am comfortable. This is my mini-work space and only takes up about a 7'x5' space. The rest of my space is shelves to store unfinished pieces.

    All of this is in an old 7'x14' trailer that we stripped and customized inside just for me. I have a small heater for the winter and a window air conditioner for the summer. Now my work never has to be "picked up" to take care of family activities. I LOVE IT!!!
    Cleo Douglass