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No Lye Soap - I use Clearly Natural- soap bar in a plastic container - Pour into lightly oiled mold.

    How to Make - No Lye Soap

    shelley posted Message 1185 in the CraftPals Scented Crafts

    Subject: easy recipe for no lye soap

    Heat a quartered, unscented, clear glycerin
    (I use Clearly Natural)soap bar in a plastic container,
    in a micro for 1-2 min(or double boiler),stir, add scents/oils,
    food color, leaves, petals, orange rinds, lavender etc. Pour into
    lightly oiled mold.

    That easy!
    Stir carefully so it doesn't froth.
    You can add about 1 tablespoon of water for each bar, too.
    It seems to mix better.
    I tried cheaper brands of glyc soap, but they went chunky.
    Now I am going to try and make my own glycerine soaps.(Yes, lye)
    I like yogurt containers as molds.
    The flexible metal pastry molds work well. A tuna tin.
    Actual plastic seems to work best for me. I even covered some sea shells
    with liquid rubber compound and made beautiful shell soaps,
    details and all. I oiled the molds after I took them off the shells.