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Gag gift - how to make a Newfie flashlight.

    How to make a Newfie Flashlight

    Bill posted Message 3528 in the CraftPals All Crafts BB
    Subject: "Newfie" craft

    Hi everyone,
    Originally from Newfoundland, I always get a great kick out of little jokes and such that are always available back on the rock! There was an idea that I picked up in the states a while back - that I adapted to the "Newfie" idea and I thought that I would share it with you -

    "A Newfie Flashlight"
    A dry twig from your garden (it's clean-up time to put those twigs to a good use)
    A wooden clothespin
    A small box of Matches (the old fashion kind with the little drawer)
    Simply glue the box of matches to one end of the twig, the clothespin to the other, put a match in the clothespin and with a magic marker (fine tip), write "NEWFIE FLASHLIGHT" on the side of the twig and 'voila' - it's a great conversation piece for a craft show!
    Hope you enjoy!
    Take care,