DIY Easy Home Craft Projects - How To Make -a Mop Doll-

    pic of mop doll

pic of mop doll with cowboy hat

    How To - DIY- Easy Home Craft Projects
    How to make a Mop Doll.

    I. CUT HEAD pieces, hands and nose form fabric ,lay like pieces right
    sides to gether and stitch ,if possible double
    sew,trim and turn right side out and press if nedded.

    2. Stuff tightly with polyfil pressing into the seams the your fingers to eliminate wrinkles. Cut loose strand (from body
    arms) into 3" bangs and glue to forehead, Paint facial features.

    3. Make a cut int the top of the mop's fabric strip. Bend a 12" piece of
    18 gauge wire in half, insert ends of wire in cut, pushing down as
    far as possible and leaving the looped end protruding about 2"
    Glue this body wire to back of head or insert in slit at base of head.

    4. Glue head to the loop of wore protruding from body top glue hat to
    back of head covering wire. If doll is not wearing a hat make a small
    slit in lower back of head for insertion of body wire. Glue wire inside the
    slit and sew or glue slit closed around wire.

    5. Braided center, take 6 strands from each side of mop at top of fabric strip. Separate strands into 3 groups of 4 strands each.
    Braid 3 groups loosely for 4" 26-30 gauge wire tightly around end of braided section. Glue braid to fabric strip at center of mop.< Let the braid strands hang or trim and untwist ends into a tail.

    6. Non-Braided Center: Take 6 strands from each side of mop at the top of fabric strip. Loosely tie them together .
    Braid arms. Take 9 strands from under each arm, cross strands at the back covering at front. Tie at waist and trim just below the fabric strip.

    7. Twisted Arms: Take 27 strands from each side for arms twist arms,rotating twice toward back of doll. Bring arms together to meet at center
    front, wire the ends of arms together with excess mop pointing upward.
    Trim strands 11/2 above wire. Save cut pieces for bangs. Glue body wire to
    back of head or insert in slit.

    8. Braided Arms: Take 27 strands from each side of mop top for arms.
    Braid tightly for about 41/2 ". Tie the ends of braid with wire or string.
    Cut off excess mop strands and sew for hair.