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    How to make Pot Pourri Pies

    Posted by Debbie

    I haven't made any yet but here is the recipe.

    4 cups flour,
    1 cup salt,
    1tsp alum (find in spice section),
    1 1/2 cup water.

    Makes 4 pies.
    Mix all ingredients.
    Roll to about 1/4" thickness. Use a pie roller to cut the edges and this roller made a Jaggedy edge - it was a little wheel. So make a bunch of strips about 1/2" or so. You are going to turn the terra cotta dish upside down and drape your lattice pieces over it and actually cook it on top of the dish. This forms a hump for the pie shape. So cover your dish with tin foil, turn it upside down, weave your lattice pieces over the dish. Put another lattice piece about 1/4" wide all around the edges of the lattice (around the dish) to join them all.
    Cook at 250 degrees for 2 hrs. Remove COOL!!
    Remove very carefully from dish, turn dish right way up, fill with potpourri, I put red netting over the potpourri to make it look like a berry pie. Put lattic on top (glue it around the dish). I tied rafia around
    it with a small bow and added a stick of cinnamon and a little red apple bought in a craft store. Good Luck

    Posted by Evelyn on January 21,
    In Reply to: Potpourri Pies posted by Sandy on January 20,

    Hi Sandy

    The easiest way to explain in making these goodies (potpourri cake) think of your potpourri as your frosting. Choosing your floral mixture to look as close to the scent, or flavor you are making. The size of your potpourri cake slice can be as many layers as you would like .This is personal choice.

    When I make my potpourri pies, to make the top crust. Using a pie tin I take aluminum foil...bunch enough of it smoothly yet somewhat loosely placing it in my pie tin, to the height I want my pie crust to stand above the rim of pie tin, when making an apple pie I like my crust to stand higher then I would making some of the other types of fruitpies. Now the fun begins in creating the type of pie crust you would like to design. Once again this process is the same as if you were making the top to a real pie.

    The only difference is since your potpourri pie does not have a bottom crust. The first process is to make the center in what ever design you want, ( I like the look of a lattice type of crust, rolling out pieces of salt dough to look like ropes, or rolling out a piece of salt dough then cutting into plain strips, or into strips that have a zig zag look to the edges) can't remember what the name of this tool is for pastry use. After you have finished with your weaving of the dough ropes or pieces that have been cut.

    I cut away any excess using rim of pie tin as my guide. Then using another piece of salt dough, I roll into a rope long enough and thick enough to be able to crimp into a nice looking rim. Just before I attach my dough to rim I brush with water. Then I place my rolled rope around the rim pressing gently so dough used for the center of pie has a good bond to the dough used for the rim will have a good hold to each other.

    Once this is done I then crimp into the design I want. I then bake.
    At Salt Dough Sensations, you will find a guide to cooking your dough within the recipes that are listed their, plus has tips on sealing salt dough. Also has a post on how to make a potpourri pie from someone with an idea on how she gets her pies a golden brown color. In the past I have used paint that has been thinned with water to brush on letting it dry before I seal my pie crust.

    As for the potpourri filling I sew a bag from tulle or netting that best matches the color of scented potpourri I am using I then fill the bag with as much cured potpourri to fill the size pie I have made. I don't glue my pie crust to my pie tin, I find it easier to change my potpourri mixtures to just pull out the bag and replace with a newly cured bag of potpourri, using the same blend or changing the scent to a different one. Both the potpourri cake and pie are a lot of fun to make, also are gifts people enjoy.

    Take Care