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    How to make Crochet Britches
    with Poem

    Laconda posted Message 1525 in the CraftPals Sewing BB
    Dated : April 06, 1999 at 18:03:26
    Subject: Re: crocheted britches dishcloths

    You take 2 dishcloths and fold in half then put the two sides that are open together and tie together in three places until half way down ,that is the top of your britches, the rest of the cloths makes your legs.
    you run yarn around the top and the bottom of the two legs and gather some.

    the poem,

    Now don't get excited,
    and don't be misled,
    these are not for you
    but for your dishes instead.
    Just cut out the threads
    and pull out them stitches
    you'll have two dishcloths,
    but you'll lose your britches".

    Hope you can understand this. Have fun. Laconda

    Edna Hill posted Message 1534 in the CraftPals Sewing BB
    Dated : April 10, 1999 at 09:15:25
    Subject: Re: crocheted britches dishcloths

    Do not get excited,
    do not misunderstand,
    these are not for you,
    but for your dishpan.
    Clip the strings,
    pull the stitches,
    now you have two dishrags,
    but you lost your britches.

    Take 2 dishrags Fold in half, put the raw sides together, this makes the legs.
    Run a small ribbon or string about 1" from the top.
    Pull together and tie in a bow in front, this makes the top ruffled. About 2" down tie together with another bow.
    Repeat about 2" down. Now take each leg and run a ribbon or string around as you did in the top.
    Tie your bow in the middle of the front of the leg, Attach the above poem, probably best in all Caps and now you have your britches.