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    Jelly Jar Scents

    2 cups simmering potpourri (or distilled water)
    4 pkgs. Knox Gelatin
    (50 drops essential oil if using water)

    Heat 1 cup liquid in saucepan.
    Stirring, dissolve the gelatin.
    Remove from heat, add remaining 1 cup liquid and stir till
    dissolved. (If you are using water, put 50 drops of essential oil
    in each of the votive cups and add gelatin mixture) Pour gelatin mixture
    in to votive holders.

    Place in fridge for approx 2 hours.
    Remove, cover with plastic wrap and store at room temp.
    [You can also halve this recipe to get smaller batches]
    Makes 4 votive holders.

    I have only used the simmering potpourri since that was the easiest
    to get and the cheapest way to do it. Decorate the tops with lace
    tied around it so the gel can breathe and dissolve (keep plastic wrap
    on so it won't start to evaporate)

    I used Florasense Liquid Simmering Potpourri Concentrate.
    It sells for $1.99/16oz at Walmart, Michaels, Franks, and JoAnn's
    that I've seen.
    It has the deepest intensity of the scent since it is concentrated
    to start with. It will definitely be the best for scenting a full room.