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    Lynne posted Message 1167 in the CraftPals Weddings BB
    Subject: Simple instructions for thingy to help make bows

    When my hands started protesting when I wanted to make large wired bows, I called my DH to the tv and showed him what I wanted to assist me. He exited his little work-shop after about 15 minutes with my little helper!

    What you need:

    a board for the base, about 24" long, 4" (or so) wide
    a dowel, 1/4 in diameter, cut into two pieces, each about 10" long

    What you do:

    drill two holes just an 1/8" apart across in the centre of the board the diameter of your dowels.
    put a little craft glue or wood glue on the ends of the dowels, and insert them into the holes.
    using a ruler, measure out from the dowels on each side every inch, making sure they're "mirror" images of each other.
    That's it!

    When you're ready to make bows,place a wire between the dowels and just start with your first end, insert it bewteen the dowels and, measuring the first loop, bring the other end back over the dowel, twisting the ribbon in the middle, measuring the loop on the opposite side, and again twisting the ribbon inside the dowel.

    This twisting produces a fluffier bow that is easier to twist and manipulate when completed. When your loops and complete, bring the wires together, cross and twist. Remove your bow, fluff out, and voila!

    One perfect bow! Now all your pew bows will match!!
    Hope this helps someone out there!

    Lynne posted Message 1193 in the CraftPals Weddings BB
    Subject: Florists' picks and bows

    Kallen, this thing-a-ma-jig makes any size loopy bow.
    Using wired ribbon, of course is very nice ribbon to use, if a little expensive, but makes a beautifully fluffy bow that can be coaxed into a very formal shape. Also, gossamer-type ribbons are nice used first (as they would appear on the top of the bow) gives a nice softness to them; also, you can incorporate flowers, tinsel etc to create almost any effect you want to achieve.

    As for the pick, I would first make the bow using a full length of wire (usually 12"+) and use this to twist the bow together firmly. Then I would attach the florist pick, which usually has wire attached to the end of it by threading it through all but the top layer of ribbon and twisting it to firm it up. I'd only use this, of course, when it must stick into foam or some other form. To be perfectly honest, I usually don't use floral pics; I cut the pieces I need off those hard stems that litter my rec room floor after I've yanked all the blooms off them! They're much sturdier than wooden picks and they're FREE!

    Did this help at all?