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    Posted by Paula on February 08, 1998
    In Reply to Receiving blanket baby posted on February 07, 1998

    I found this on another board- I used baby wash cloths to stuff head rather than tissue paper, and bought a pacifier clip to hang pacifier rather than cutting and gluing.
    I also used diaper pins to put together instead of sewing, this way it is 100% usable for the baby.

    Hope you all can make sense of these directions.
    You can make a really cute baby out of a baby's receiving blanket.
    These make cute decorations or presents for a baby shower.
    Afterwards, the blanket and accessories are all usable by the mother.

    Take a regular receiving blanket and lay it out the wide way on your work surface.
    Start rolling the blanket in from both sides until they meet in the middle.
    Then, fold the top of the rolled blanket down about two-thirds of the way.
    Inside the part that you have folded, where the fold is, place a ball of tissue paper (you are making the baby's head). Pull the blanket gently around to cover the tissue paper and tie around the neck with a ribbon.

    Now, turn the baby over (front to back). The arms are made from the rolled blanket which is now in back. Sit the baby up and bring the arms around to the baby's lap in front, securing in the baby's lap with a stitch of thread.

    The legs should already be there, as they are the lower part of the rolled blanket.
    If you want, you can prop the baby up with a piece of stiff cardboard in back to make a stand.
    If you have done it right, you should have the baby, and now the fun part is adding the accessories. Place a newborn hat or cap on the baby's head.

    Cut off the mouthpiece of a pacifier and glue in place for the mouth (this is the only thing that is not usable afterwards).
    Place a small stuffed animal, rattle or other baby toy in the baby's hands, securing with a little thread to the blanket. Make sure to advise the mother that if she is going to use the items, to wash the blanket and remove any lose threads prior to use. Have fun!

    Joanna posted Message 2072 in the CraftPals All Crafts BB
    Dated : November 17, 1998 at 14:25:53
    Subject: Re: baby doll pattern or instructions

    Isn't life strange!
    I was cleaning my basement a few days ago and came across one that I made years ago - didn't know I had it.

    Basically the head was soft sculpture - stuff a piece of panty hose with stuffing, embroider on eyes, nose, mouth.
    I remember we used a piece of a hair roller about 1-2" long for the neck and you pushed the excess from the head in there. Next we made a very basic nightgown (glue the neck to the hair roller) and then a blanket for it.
    The doll's blanket is laid down diagonnally and then you cut a line in it with scissors in the middle. Pulll the doll's head through.
    Then you can put your fingers inside the nightgown (body ) and the arms and make it move. I hope this helps.