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Bath Scrunchies to go with your bath goodies.

    How to make Bath Scrunchies

    From: Hope
    Make Scrunchies to go with their bath goodies!!

    So simple to make, just cut a long strip of netting (very cheap and can find in many colors at your fabric store.) Cut it about One yard in length and 8 to 10 inches wide. Fold it in half long ways (now the width is 4 to 5 inches).

    Fold it up like a fan and tie a nylon cord through it and cut all the loops.
    Spread out the netting and adjust. Now you have a beautiful scrunchie to use in the shower!! :)

    Make a scrubbie on a stick. Buy a sea sponge (Soft or hard one) Attach it to a pretty wooden spoon that you paint to match the gift basket!!