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    How to make South Western Clay Jewelry
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    Easy South Western Jewelry using polymer clay.

    Take a large concho and 2 smaller ones that match the larger one, and remove the bar across the center.

    Mix lt blue, white, and black clay together to make a marbleized turqouise, then press thru the center of the conchos to make it look like you have a turqouise stone there. Smooth the back of the clay onto the metal of the concho, and bake. After it's cooled, you can glaze the clay or not, and glue a pin back at one end on the large one and earring studs to one end of each of the smaller ones. Now you have one set of western< style jewelry.

    More easy polymer clay jewelry, or use as Xmas tree decorations:

    Roll out your clay, use cookie cutters for the occasion, and use rubber stamps in the cut-outs that also go with the occasions. Example: Xmas theme, like stars, and use star rubber stamps on the cut out. Dust with colored powder. Or, use a heart cutter, and use a much smaller cutter to make little heart cut-outs in the large one. Press these cut-outs on the clay heart either above or below the cutout that they came from.

    If making as a pin, glue pin back on after clay is baked and cooled. If using as a tree decoration, or for a package decoration, make a hole in the top part using a drinking straw. Press straw into clay, and remove. There will be a hole that you will string your thread thru to hang it.

    Rainbow pin:

    make snakes of the same size of these colors: purple, blue, turquoise, green, yellow, orange, pink. Use the brightest colors you can find, or mix your own before making the snakes. Fold the pink snake in half, and lay on your work space. Place the orange snake next to it, making the ends as close as possible [dont worry if they arent the same length; you'll be trimming the ends]. Next place the yellow snake next to the orange snake. Place the green snake next to the yellow snake. Place the lt blue, or turquoise, snake next to the green. Place the blue one next to that. The last one is the purple snake.

    Make sure they look like a rainbow arch, and press lightly together to fuse. Flatten gently, and cut off the ends with a sharp knife, making sure that some of the pink is still on the rainbow, but cutting very closely to the center fold joint. Do not smooth this cut area. Bake, and glaze if you want, and glue a pin back or magnet on it.

    If you want to hang something, like a small charm or even a funny face you've made [I made small ones for my mom, with everyone's name written on the collars, and hung them from hearts that she has on her wall], then push in small eye pins into the clay before you've baked it, and do the same with whatever you make to hang from the rainbow. After it's baked, carefully remove the eye pin, put a drop of glue [any kind] on the eye pin, and re-insert it carefully. After it's dry, it'll never come out.

    More jewelry ideas:

    Use cookie cutters in half-moon shapes or star shapes, use gold clay, dust with gold powder, press in star shaped brads into the clay and bake. [you can also use eye shadow to give your items an unusual sheen, or to give it a very light color]

    You usually find the brads near the beads section, where you press these onto clothing, and fold over the pointy things to hold them onto the fabric. You can get these in gold or silver. Also, you can punch holes in the clay, using a straw, but dont make the holes too close to the edges or it'll break during wearing. After it's baked, put jump rings in the holes and attach gold chains to each of the jump rings, so that the chain is long and moves when the person walks.

    If you use any of the powders, whether it's eye shadow or clay powder, you'll have to glaze after it's baked, or the powder will rub off.
    CJ R Colorado, USA

    This is something that kids can do, with supervision.

    Box of paperclips
    Clay, your choice brand, your choice color[s].
    Work surface, like a hard platic sheet or kitchen tile [the tiles are also ovenproof, so I use them]. Do not use your table unless covered with something! Polymer clays have an oil that will damage fine woods.

    Hook paper clips together to form a necklace that will go over the head of the person it's for, so that you won't have to put a clasp on it.

    Condition clay well, even if it feels soft right from the package. You'll know it's conditioned when it's very pliable and almost feels warm. If you mix 2 colors together to get another color, the time it takes you to blend those colors is the correct amount of time to
    condition clay.

    Break off small portions of clay, roll into a ball and continue rolling until all seams are gone. Press onto paper clips, pushing some clay through to the other side, and then press these seams together till they are gone. You should still be able to see the rounded ends of the paper clips where they are hooked together. After all paper clips have been covered, place a piece of paper, either typeing paper or parchment paper, on the baking surface, place necklace on the paper so that the clay 'beads' arent touching each other, and bake at the
    time on the package for 15 to 20 minutes.

    Do not over bake! After it's cooled, you can finish with a water based glaze, or paint designs on the beads using acrylic clay, followed with a water based glaze. Or, you can leave unglazed and unpainted for a stone look. You can even polish a bit by using a piece of denim and rubbing the beads.
    Mix colors together to get different looks.

    Different shades of pink. Different shades of blue. Blue, pink and white. Red, white and blue. Lt blue, dk blue, black and white. Shades of purple. Mix pearls with non-pearls. Metallics. If you want a torqouise nugget look, mix blue with small amounts of white till you get the shade you want [or mix in a bit of green if you like the green torquoise], then after you have pressed your finished color onto the paper clips, take a piece of foil, rumple into a ball, and press into the clay, forming depressions. After it's baked, use black acrylic paint watered down as a wash and brush on the nuggets. Wipe off the paint almost immediately. The black will stay in the depressions, and make your nugget look like it has real matrix in it.

    CJ USA