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    how to make a  CD-Windchime

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    2 CDs
    Exterior liquid nails (can use regular if keeping indoors)
    White all purpose glue
    Fishing leader with swivel
    Fishing snaps?
    Hook from earring
    Clear spray varnish
    2 pictures for center of CD's on each side
    Glitter paint writer
    Fishing line
    Small chimes (Can use small copper tubing with holes drilled through the top for fishing line to go through, or any other kind of small pipe.)

    CD Chime instructions

    I take two CDs and liquid nail them together using exterior liquid nails with the writing on the inside and the shiny part out.

    When that is dry I drill a small hole in the top for hanging and three small holes centered at the bottom for the chimes.

    I then find pictures I want to put on the center of the CD, cut them out and give them a couple of coats of clear spray varnish, when dry I use white glue to attach them to the middle of the CD one on each side.

    I attach the snap? part of a fishing leader with swivel to the top of the CD, take a snap?, just like is on the other end of the fishing leader, open the bottom portion so this can be attached to the fishing leader, then reconnect and I use a hook from old earrings for hanging. I then outline the picture with glitter paint on both sides and around the outside edge of the CD.

    I let this dry for a day and then I attach small chimes to the bottom with fishing line in graduating lengths. I like to hang them in my windows, where they will catch the sunlight and a breeze.