Wire & Pearl Angel Craft Tutorial -

    how to make a  wire angel with pearls

Angel Crafts -
How to make Wire Angels with Pearls - Ornament Tutorial.

    Wire angels by:
    Lynda Van Scheyndel

    Use 24 gauge wire,wrap it around a cylinder type item [i used the large size acrylic paint bottle] wrap at least 20 times leaving an 8 inch tail on the beginning and the end of the wrap.

    Without over-lapping the wire, slide off the cylinder very carefully wrap each tail around the circle top about three times pulling taut with pliers, then separate 7 circles [to use as wings] bend in the center and wrap the wire about 3 times to hold firm.

    On one tail add a 10mm pearl [head] then add 5 4mm pearls [halo] thread tail back through the head and wrap around the main circle of wire, adjust the halo. Wrap other tail around the neck area.when you cut the wires off make sure there are no sharp ends sticking out.

    Skirt of angel----cut through wires at bottom of circle, add a small pearl to each wire making a small curl at the end of the wire so pearl won't fall off. I then add a thin piece of cord through the halo to act as a hanger.

    I store each one in a zip lock sandwich bag to avoid a big tangled mess..lynda from b.c.