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    by Bonnie Sattler
    Dated : June 08, 2000 at 18:39:28
    Subject: Smoking Bottles Photo

    #### Hi all, here is a photo of some "magic smoking bottles" These are made by drilling a couple of smallish holes near the bottom of the bottle. A stick of lighted incense is suspended into the bottle using a ring (like a key ring) to hold the incense. The ring rests on top of the bottle. The ring is attached to the neck of the bottle with a pretty cord, when not in use.

    The holes in the bottom of the bottle allow air to circulate, and keep the incense burning. The bottle fills with smoke, which then comes out of the top. Ash from the incense falls to the bottom of the bottle. A diamond drill is used to drill the holes. The main trick is to keep the drilling area wet and to drill slowly. (Also wear safety gear as you will be making glass dust) One person said she (he?) made a dam of clay to hold water up against the bottle where she was drilling.
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    Ann C posted Message 738 in the CraftPals Scented Crafts
    dated : June 09, 2000 at 09:49:40
    Subject: Re: Colored Smoking Bottles Photo

    Interesting what people will think of next! Here is a great use for those fancy liquor bottles that are empty but just too nice to throw away!
    When drilling the hole into the bottle:
    The easiest way is to keep the bottle under water but an electric drill makes this a hazard I cannot recommend. However - here's the easiest way - easier than holding the bottle over the mini head on the grinder even.
    Put on the goggles and a dust mask you use for drywall. Fill the bottle with water and cap or cork or tape the top. In a laundry sink wedge the bottle from both sides so it doesn't move. Now wet the area you intend to drill. I highly recommend a cordless rechargeable drill.

    Approach the future hold from a side angle with the drill. Squeeze a sponge of water gently so a few drops keep you work area damp and you are not creating any dry powder - just sludge. As your hole starts lift the drill upright so you are drilling directly and keep the area wet. The water on the inside of the bottle keeps the temperature of the glass lower and you drill rather than crack your way through the thicker glass. I started using this method when I was making the huge potpourri pickle jars with the crocheted lids and the mini xmas lites inside!