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    how to make a  seasonal handmade tray

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How to make a handmade picture frame tray with a easy to find supplies.

    Seasonal Handmade Tray - Archives

    -1 wood picture frame with glass
    - seasonal fabric (measurements 1-2" wider than the frame - all the way around)
    -2-3" kitchen door pulls (the kind that secure with two screws from the back)
    -cardboard/tagboard - cut the same size as the picture frame cardboard.
    -Masking tape, or clear mailing tape


    Here is a Craft of the Month for all Seasons!
    This Season Tray is made from a recycled picture frame, and fabrics, that can be changed for any season, or occasion. They make wonderful gifts for shut-ins, or just to use at home for tea, or special occasions like birthdays, or holidays. They are functional to use as a tray, or can be propped up for decoration, or used as a tray for a centerpiece. You can use elegant fabrics, or more whimsical prints. The frame can be ornamental, painted,whitewashed, or stained wood. The options are endless!

    ~Remove the backing and glass from the frame. Clean the glass thoroughly and set aside.

    ~ Line the door handles up on each side of the frame and mark where the holes will be so the handles are centered. Drill the holes for the screws, then secure the handles to the frame by screwing them in.

    ~Cut several more cardboard backings the same size as the one that was in the frame. You will need one for each fabric you want to use. Note if your cardboard piece fits tight you may want to trim a little off two sides to allow for the fabric that will be wrapped around it.

    ~Iron the fabric pieces then lay them face down on a flat surface. Cut the fabric 1-2 inches wider on all sides, than the cardboard backing.

    ~Center the cardboard on the piece of fabric. Fold the corners up and tape to the cardboard back. Fold each side up and tape to the back.

    ~Place the glass back in the frame.

    ~Insert the fabric covered cardboard back in the frame.

    ~If there is a frame backing , reinsert it back into the frame...and be sure to secure them all with the frame back closures. NOTE If you are using a very large frame you may want to add additional closures to assure everything stays in place-especially if using it to carry items.

    ~ Continue to wrap the rest of the cardboard pieces with other fabrics you have selected.
    Anytime you want to change the tray for a different occasion, remove the picture backing and insert one of the other fabric covered pieces of cardboard in the frame.

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    how to make a  handmade tray