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    karen posted Message 1248 in the CraftPals Sewing BB
    Dated : November 02, 1998 at 00:45:08
    Subject: Re: Yo Yo Christmas Tree

    There was a discussion further down the board about yo-yos.
    They are a 2 or 3" circle with a running or basting stitch around the edge of the circle.
    When you complete the stitches, gently draw up the thread to gather the edges, then secure.
    Push the gathering to the center of the circle which becomes the center of the flower.
    Arrange in triangular shape to form the tree. Secure yo-yos with buttons of choice.
    Enjoy :-))

    Janet posted Message 1154 in the CraftPals Sewing BB
    Dated : August 25, 1998 at 00:12:59
    Subject: Re: YOYOS--candy canes

    You can make candy canes out of them. I use mini yoyos (use "snapple" bottles caps) for mine.
    Sew or glue seven together to form the cane (overlap not edge to edge).
    Add a bow and a loop for hanging.
    They work up quickly.

    Maria posted Message 3625 in the CraftPals All Crafts BB
    Subject: Re: yo yo crafts

    Hi there, last Christmas I made yo-yo ornaments in shapes of christmas trees.
    You form a flat tree using 10 yo-yos with holes facing you, 4 on bottom, 3 on top of that, 2 on top of that and 1 at the very top.
    Glue them together on sides, but make sure u overlap them so no spaces are seen.
    If you like u can glue an extra yo-yo at bottom to use as the stump.
    To decorate I used a gold painted wooden star for the tree top.
    I glued 1 metalic bead in each "hole" of each yo-yo, and finished with a small gold metalic bow on stump.
    oh yeah, u can also glue a piece of ribbon or cord for hanging.
    I sold a lot of them and I had a good time making them. Good Luck! : )