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Christmas Craft Tutorials -
Wooden Spoon Reindeer -
How To - For the blanket, trim each short end of green felt and Christmas print fabric into curve.

    Posted by Joyce on November 10,

    6 wooden spoons,
    brown wood stain,
    acrylic black paint,
    tacky glue,
    false eyelashes,
    2-12mm eyes,
    1(1/4"-diam) red pom-pom,
    2(1/2"-diam) tan pom-poms,
    4(2"-diam) white pom-poms,
    felt: tan scraps & 3"x8" green,
    12" length jute cording,
    Fabric Stiffener,
    plastic wrap, 2 1/4" x 6
    3/4" piece Christmas print fabric,
    Aleene's Jewel-It,
    1 yard silver pearl cording,
    1 small jingle bell, 8" length 1/8" wide red satin ribbon.

    I) Stain all spoons.
    Let dry.
    Trim handle of 4 spoons to point. Paint each point black, let dry.
    Saw half moon shape from rounded end of 1 remaining spoon for tail.
    Lightly sand to make smooth. Set aside. For head, cut off all
    but 1 1/2" of handle on remaining spoon. Using tacky glue, glue eyelashes to back of eyes. Glue eyes to flat back of short-handled spoon. Glue red pom-pom to tan pom-pom; glue tan pom-pom in place for nose, let dry.

    II) Transfer ear pattern (approx teardrop shape, about 1 inch long) to tan felt and cut 2. Cut slit about 3/8" up from bottom center. Overlap slip of each and glue, let dry. Glue ears in place on bowl side of spoon, let dry. Soak jute in fabric stiffener.
    Place jute on plastic wrap. Cut and shape jute into antlers, let dry.
    (to set fabric stiffener quickly, place antlers in microwave
    for 30 seconds) Glue antlers to bowl side of spoon behind ears, let dry.
    From remaining tan felt, cut 1 piece to cover bowl side
    of spoon, glue in place, let dry.

    III) Glue 2 white pom-poms together, set aside. For front of reindeer, sandwich short-handled spoon between 2 spoons with
    pointed ends (head between 2 spoons for legs). Place 1 white pom-pom in front of short handled spoon between pointed end
    spoons, glue in place, let dry. For back of reindeer, sandwich wooden tail piece bewtween 2 remaining spoons with pointed
    ends. Place 1 white pom-pom below tail piece between pointed end spoons, glue in place and let dry. Glue remaining tan
    pom-pom in place between tail and white pom-pom, let dry.
    Place 2 glued white pom-poms between sets of spoons and glue all 3 pieces together (2 glued pom-poms make body/belly) to form reindeer, let dry.

    IV) For blanket, trim each short end of green felt and Christmas print fabric into curve. Center fabric on felt nad glue with
    jewel-it, let dry. Using jewel-it, glue silver pearl cording around edge of print fabric, let dry. Glue blanket across middle of reindeer with tacky glue, let dry. Thread jingle bell onto red ribbon, tie in bow around reindeer's neck.