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Christmas Gingerbread Sayings -

Christmas calories don't count! -

    Re: Does anyone have any cute ginger bread boy and girl sayings?
    Wednesday, 10-Dec

    i also for christmas some times hang a sign on them that says christmas
    calories don't count.

    another sign i use is christmas cookies and happy hearts--that is how
    the holiday starts. hope this is helpful to someone. happy holidays!

    A little sugar, alot of spice,
    A woman shaped him Oh So Nice,
    He's made of dough, and golden tan,
    The closest thing to a perfect man.

    Everyone loves this one. I use it on a plaque when I paint or,

    Come sit at my table and share with me,
    Warm gingerbread cookies and cinnamon tea.

    I guess that wouldn't work with a stuffed gingerbread doll,
    but it is cute. Have fun!!! Judy

    Posted by Charlene D. on December 15,

    Gingerbread Girl:
    Gingerbread girls are the sweetest by far, stuffed to give where you are.
    Gingerbread people are the sweetest things, and I wish you all the
    happiness this one brings.


    This gift comes to you from me, a stuffed gingerbread girl is what you see.

    Made special just for you, may it bring happiness to you.

    Fashioned in love was this special gift, simply to give your heart a lift.
    You can replace girl with boy....