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How to Make a Santa Renuzit Air Freshener -
Replace cone on renuzit base - When gel is used up, place topper on a new renuzit adjustable base - For best results, use Tacky glue or thick white glue and acrylic craft paint. -

    Here is the instructions for the Renuzit Santa Claus:

    1) Cone (jacket):
    Temporarily remove cone from Renuzit base with gel (gel is non toxic)
    Paint cone red.
    Let dry.
    Trim jacket by elongating cotton & gluing to bottom of cone.

    2) Head: Use 2" floam ball. Glue ball to renuzit cone.
    3) Face: Draw eyes, nose & mouth with colored marker or glue on felt for mouth,
    1/2" pink pompom for nose & rickrack for eyes.

    4) Hair, beard & moustache: Use cotton balls.
    For hair, stretch cotton to desired shape & glue to head.
    For moustache, twist ends of stretched cotton ball & apply glue to hold ends in curls. For beard, glue cotton to chin.

    5) Hat: Cut 4" square from red felt & cut off one corner.
    Roll felt into cone & glue overlapping edges.
    Bend point down & glue.
    Glue white 1/2" cotton ball at end.
    Trim bottom of hat by gluing on elongated cotton.
    Glue hat to head.

    6) Belt: Cut 1/8"black felt strip & glue around middle.
    Use pattern to cut out felt buckle & glue to belt.

    7) Arms: Roll & glue two 2" red felt squares into cylinders.
    Glue one end of each flat & glue to shoulder area.

    8) Mittens:
    Use Pattern to cut out mittens from felt. (sorry no pattern here),
    {Mitten is about 1" from top of mitten to bottom, width from the thumb
    across is 1"}.
    Glue mitten wrists inside sleeves.

    9) Base: Replace cone on renuzit base.
    When gel is used up, place decorted topper on a new renuzit adjustable base.
    * For best results, use Tacky glue or thick white glue & acrylic craft paint.
    (Spray paint will disintegrate the foam ball).

    Diana* USA