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How to make a Wooden Spoon Angel -
I used a fine tip marker to make a few eyelashes just above the eyes -
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    How to make Wooden Spoon Angels

    Posted by Judy on November 21,
    I hope these instructions are easy enough to understand!

    wooden spoon,
    white craft foam,
    1/2" wooden ball,
    spanish moss,
    craft wire (I used gold but the original one had unfinished wire),
    sheer white or gold wired ribbon,
    flesh paint,
    gold spray paint.

    glue ball about 1 1/4 - 1 1/2" from bottom of spoon(nose).
    Paint the bowl of the spoon with flesh colored paint.
    Paint the handle with gold spray paint (you may want to cut a couple of inches off the top of the handle if you think it's too long).
    Paint or use a felt tip black marker to make the eyes (oval shapes with a white or cream dot in the middle).

    I used a fine tip marker to make a few eyelashes just above the eyes.
    Form a circle with the wire for the halo - leave a few inches hanging down behind the halo so you can attach it at the top of the bowl (where the flesh and gold paint meet). I just wrapped the wire around the spoon and put a dab of hot glue on it. Glue a small amount of spanish moss over the place where you wrapped the wire - the spanish moss will hide the connection.

    Cut wings out of the craft foam - I made one piece - about 8 1/2" from tip to tip and about 3" from top to bottom on either side of the face.
    Attach in the middle of the back of the spoon.
    Make a small bow and attach it at tne bottom of the spoon (where the neck of the angel would be). Some wooden spoons have screw-ineyes on the top for hanging, or you can buy them or punch a small hole in the top and glue a small amount of narrow ribbon inthe hole.