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I just made this angel and it is too cute and easy.

    How to make Thimble Angels

    Posted by Cruzmom on February 07,

    Hi, I just made this angel and it is too cute and easy.
    Thought I would share with all the folks who like to collect angels or give one to someone who collects thimbles or to a quilter.

    Thimble Angel
    1 - thimble (flat on top)
    1/2" wood bead
    1" wood heart
    2" soldering wire (I raided my husbands garage)
    sm. amount of spanish moss
    1/2" wood dowel
    flesh colored paint
    small amount of silver and black paint
    hot glue

    Paint bead flesh color, let dry.
    Paint heart silver and stipple small amount of black (I wanted the wings to
    match the color of the thimble), let dry.
    Glue bead to top of thimble, add spanish moss for hair.
    Wrap the soldering wire around the dowel to make a circle.
    Remove from dowel being careful not to mess up the circle, glue to the
    top of the head for a halo. Glue heart to back of thimble for
    wings. I always like to paint faces on my angels, but looks cute plain.
    Good Luck.