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How to make Spoon Angels -
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    How to make Spoon Angels


    Plastic Spoons
    Paint/Markers (for face-optional)
    Raffia, Ribbon, or Lace, etc. (for wings)
    Beads, Pipe Cleaner, Metallic Cording, etc. (for halo)
    Dried/Silk Flowers,
    Scrap Material,
    Construction Paper etc. (dress)
    Cotton Balls,
    Yarn, etc. (hair)
    Fishing Line, Thread, Ribbon etc. (hanger)
    Glue (a thick, tacky glue works best, or for older children, hot glue with supervision)

    1. Draw face on back of bowl of spoon, glue hanger inside of bowl of spoon
    2. Glue hair to top of spoon pulling around to back of head
    3. Tie wings in a bow around base of bowl of spoon (be sure bow is in the back)
    4. Glue dress materials down handle of spoon
    5. Glue halo in place and ribbon/flower at neck

    When using felt and paper, my kids decorate dress with buttons, bows, etc.
    Also before we do any project (especially on rainy days or when kids are really bored) I send them on a scavenger hunt for new and different materials that can be substituted on the projects--petals of pinecone for a ruffled dress or shingles on a house, pine needles for a thatched roof (I now keep supply that they gather on nice days) shells, potpourri, etc.
    Everything becomes fair game-hair from dolls missing arms and legs, broken toys etc. The most creative so far was pencil shavings!
    Happy Crafting! Paula-