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Angel Craft Projects - Archives - How To make a - Clay Pot Angel Ornament with mossy hair and lacy wings.

    The posted reply reads as follows:
    Dated : November 08,
    Subject: A clay pot Angel

    1 small clay pot
    jute wood spools
    hair / spanish moss
    ribbon / paper twist
    wood ball
    pearls/ ring

    Use one small clay pot ( 2 or 3 inches) with the pot upside down.
    Paint any color of your choice ( this is the dress).
    Paint wood ball and spools fleshtone.
    Cut 2 even lenghts of jute long enough to fit one spool .
    Slip spool on jute and knot.

    Glue top piece of jute to pot ( where the drain hole is).
    Cut 2 more lenghts of jute long enough to fit 2 spools each and dangle out the bottom of the pot..
    glue to the inside bottom of pot.

    Glue wood ball to bottom of pot ( where the drain whole is) and add a bow at the neck.
    Paint dots for eyes, add spanish moss for doll hair to head for the wings you can use lace or paper twist and attach to the back with glue.. if using for an ornament .. add gold cord to back or use
    as shelf sitter .