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    Tree Topper Angel

    Roxann posted Message 1959 in the CraftPals All Crafts BB
    Dated : November 07, 1998
    Subject: Re: Easy Christmas Decoration-ANGELS

    I made a paper bag tree top angel with my class a few years back.It was really easy & looked beautiful when completed. No one could tell it was a paper bag.

    Supplies Needed:

    2 brown lunch size paper bags
    Gold spray paint
    Doll hair
    Wooden cut-out of doll (head & shoulders)
    Pipe cleaner halo or pearls

    1) Cut the bottom part off a brown paper bag---the luch size kind.
    2) Cut the bottom part and the top part off another brown lunch size paper bag.
    3) Spray paint both bags gold (white does not work)
    4) Paint head & shoulders flesh color. When dry paint eyes & mouth.
    5) Hot glue head to bottom part of 1st bag.
    6) Fan fold second paper bag to doll's shoulders(these are her wings)
    7) Glue hair to wooden doll head.
    8) Add lace to her wings.
    9) Add a pipe cleaner or pearl halo.
    It really is easier than these directions seem. I wish I would have kept a photo.