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How to make a Mop Angel

    Gayle's Mop Angel

    Designed Sept. 3/97
    I got a new mop head with the thicker strings.
    Cut ten strings off, then cut them down to 10 inches long.
    Tied the centre, and with knot down, fold down to form body.
    Tie the "waist" with another mop string, at back. Take a 3/4-1 inch wooden
    doll head, paint it flesh colour.

    Take the remainder of the 10 pieces of mop strings, using 8 of them, lay them flat, side by side at your sewing machine and stitch together to form a centre hair "part". I am using all tacky glue so far. Glue the hair to the head, and make a dot face. Let the hair hang down, to give a more weighted look to the top of the angel. Make "butterfly" shaped, one piece wings out of a printed calico with widest part about 3 1/2 inches. Hot glue these to the back. Using one of the colours from the calico, cut 1/4 inch ribbon, 10 inches long, fold over and glue to the front of the tied waist area. Also, make a tiny bow from the same ribbon and place it at front neck, directly under "chin".

    Take a wee heart, paint it with a country look, stripes, dots, whatever.
    Paint it to pick up the colours in the calico. Then glue it directly
    over the folded, glued down portion of the ribbon at the waist.
    Sew or glue a "hanger" at top, between wings and back neck, to hang.
    Enjoy your new little mop angel.