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marble bag mesh Angel ornament

Angel Crafts - Quick and Easy Marble Mesh Bag Angel.

    Angel Ornament from Marble Mesh Bag


    2 white mesh bags from marbles
    fishing line for sewing
    pipe cleaner for arms
    pipe cleaner, beads on a string or metalic cord or ribbon for halo
    1 inch satin ball ornament or wooden bead for head
    small silk flower

    I take one mesh bag with metal closures on each end removed .
    I do not cut the sides, just flatten out and fold in half so the open ends are at the top. I then run stitches in and out of the mesh of the open ends with fishing line, so they are stitched together and then gather it tightly and knot the fishing line. Do not cut the fishing line at this time.

    This is the angel's dress. I then take the other mesh bag, fold it in half the same way, but this time cut at the fold. Then take each piece and fold separately the same way, stitch to gather each wing with the fishing line still attached to other piece and stitch in place to the top of the dress for the wings, knot each piece well.

    Then with the same fishing line, stitch the satin ball head in place and knot again. Now you can attach the halo by gluing in place. Attach a small flower to the neck area where the dress and wings meet. I just poke the wire end of flower through the mesh, cut off excess wire on stem of flower and give a dab of glue to keep it in place. For a wooden bead for the head you would need to use an adhesive like E-6000 to glue it to the mesh, and will have to attach a hanger. I couldn't see throwing those pretty white bags away, so this is what I came up with. :)
    © 2000 Margie Coughran