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christmas Lace Angel ornament

How to make an Angel from a shoe mitt - Take shoe mitt and turn inside out if there is a label showing - project at Angel Crafts.

    Christmas Lace Angel Ornament from Shoe Mitt

    Posted by Marilyn on August 28, 2000 at 212051
    In Reply to Re An angel from a shoe mitt posted by sharon on August 28, 2000 at 203942

    Take shoe mitt and turn inside out if there is a label showing. .
    Stuff cotton batting in to make it a nice full skirt. The open end will be the top. Take a small stryofoam ball and fit it in the middle of the opening and glue it to the back of the head. The hair will cover this later.

    I glue whats left on either side for the arms. I take a string and tightly tie around the bottom of head to make neck. I fold the leftover material to look like arms at the front or in praying position. I decide where the waist will be and tightly tie aroung the middle for a waist. I leave the face blank as I am just not good freehand. I glue on hair with whatever. I use spanish moss, ripped out yarn from an old sweater makes it nice and curly. I make a small halo and glue it on her hair. I dress the doll with lace by gluing it around. I reused wedding favor - round lace doiles for the skirt and the wings. I folded lace doilie over and glued it to her back.

    I made a little ribbon hanger and glued to back of wings. I also took a tiny bell and glued a lace skirt and a wooden head and gave her a baby and then glued that on. I add pearls down the back and front and really go to town making different ones. I go to yard sales and buy old jewelery. I'll try to send a picture or two. One is glued to the wall because I couldn't find a tiny nail. Don't tell dh. rofl. Hope this is clear. It took a bit of time before mine looked decent.